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“Affection”  was at several different galleries and  I noticed that almost everyone who viewed the work wanted to touch the ruffles. From this experience, I designed "ruffle Pit", the installation that is more interactive and tactile for the audience. “Ruffle Pit” is  a structure similar to a “ball pit” like those found at carnivals and amusement centers. Instead of plastic hollow balls, it  is filled with  strands of pink ruffles. The ruffles that were once wound up on the wall in a circular shape  now create a deep, piled mass on the interior floor space of a contained environment that are accessible to the audience to move through and explore. 

Through obsessively large amounts of ruffles, viewers can interact and make connections with a wider range of associations. The sheer exuberance of so many ruffles occupying a public space will expand the material's decorative qualities beyond the limitations of the domestic to formal and emotional concerns.

“Ruffle Pit” celebrates maternal love, affection, bonding, comforts, tranquility, protection and joyful emotions.



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